Warm Mastering is a professional online mastering studio. With Warm Mastering your tracks will gain a perfect tonal balance, a warm and full sound, the desired output level and the full respect of your artistic needs.

The studio can offer both analog and digital mastering, and both stereo and stem mastering, for every distribution channel:

  • CD
  • Vinyl
  • Online distribution (iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud…)

The audio mastering service has very competitive prices, and Warm Mastering also offers:

  • A free sample to evaluate the service
  • One free revision for each track, if requested by the client

The mastering studio

Warm Mastering is equipped with analog equalizers and compressors, and state of the art digital plugins.

On the analog domain, this online mastering studio is equipped with a solid state equalizer, which allows to obtain a warm analog sound and precise frequencies cut when needed. Solid state compressors and limiters complete the analog chain.

On the digital domain, state of the art, carefully selected plugins are used to obtain a great sound and high output level, if requested by the client.

The studio can therefore deliver both analog and digital online mastering service, depending on client’s preferences. Hybrid mastering solution (analog and digital) is also possible to obtain both analog warmness and digital precision: the best of both worlds.

Full range, detailed and flat speakers are used to hear, in an objective and precise way, every detail of the sound with a great stereo imaging. No object is located in the triangle between the speakers and the mastering engineer, to avoid any comb filtering effect.

Gear used for the online mastering service


  • SPL Stereo Q solid state equalizer
  • Chameleon Labs 7720 VCA compressor
  • DBX 1066 VCA compressor / limiter
  • DBX 166 XS RMS compressor / limiter


  • Adobe Audition 3.0 DAW
  • HOFA CD-Burn & DDP
  • Selected plugins from FabFilter, Tokyo Dawn Labs, Voxengo, Melda, Sonimus


  • Focal Alpha 80 active speakers
  • AKG K701 headphones
  • Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 audio interface


  • Hand made hard rockwool bass traps
  • Knauf LM 85 (12,5+50 mm) panels


  • Asus F550L Notebook (8 GB RAM)
  • TEAC TN-100 Turntable
  • PIONEER PD-106 CD player
  • Rolls MX42 passive mixer