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Chameleon Labs 7720: VCA stereo compressor

Chameleon Labs 7720 is a VCA compressor, designed to work on the mixbuss or in the mastering stage.

Some good free audio plugins

An overview of some high quality free audio plugins that could be used even in the mastering stage.

Chameleon Labs 7802 compressor

Chameleon Labs 7802 is a stereo opto compressor with a tube gain stage, characterized by a very smooth and soft compression.

Focal Alpha 80 audio speakers

Focal Alpha 80 is an active two-way speaker, with a tweeter, an 8” woofer and a front bass reflex, suitable for audio mastering.

Tube equalizer: TL Audio Eq1

Review about TL Audio Eq1 tube equalizer, a stereo, tube, smooth and musical sounding equalizer.

Mastering equalizer: SPL Stereo Q

Review about SPL Stereo Q mastering equalizer, a true stereo, solid state, rare equalizer.

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