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Audio mastering: what is it?

This article will explain what is audio mastering, its goals, the process and its evolution. Why mastering is important Audio mastering is the last, fundamental stage to correct and improve the sound of a track (or an album) before its publication. Let’s see which are the main functions of the audio mastering stage: First of […]

Stereo and stem mastering: the differences

Stereo and stem mastering: which are the main differences, the advantages and disadvantages.

What is the DDP image

Mastering engineers often speak about DDP image, but what is it? A DDP image is a better means for CD duplication than Audio CD.

Near field vs. far field monitoring

Near field or far field monitoring: which is better in the mastering stage? Pros and cons of two different ways of music listening.

Some differences between digital and analog mastering

Digital mastering and analog mastering: and audio test to discover some differences about these different approaches.

Mastering for vinyl explained

Mastering for vinyl is a fundamental process to achieve great sounding digital pre masters that are 100% compatible with the vinyl format.

The sound of analogue tape

Analogue tape can bring some kind of magic to the sound of a track, thanks to it’s particular saturation.

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