Warm Mastering offers a free sample to evaluate the online mastering service. The instructions are simple and clear.

Mastering free sample


  • The audio files sent to Warm Mastering for the online mastering service must be in WAV or AIFF format (no MP3)
  • It’s better to send high resolution audio files, like 96 Khz – 24/32 bit files (44.1 Khz – 24/32 bit files are well accepted too)
  • It’s suggested to avoid the use of any digital brickwall limiter in the master channel. This because applying brickwall limiting only in the mastering stage generally brings to better and cleaner results
  • It’s suggested to verify with attention that no part of the master track and of the single tracks clips; avoiding clipping is very important to obtain a good final master, so please verify with attention this aspect!
  • The audio files, together with the compiled project form, should be sent to Warm Mastering via shared link (i.e. Dropbox) or via WeTrasfer, to the following mail:

Warm Mastering contact for the online mastering procedure

  • Within about 3-4 days from the reception of the files, Warm Mastering will send you, to the e-mail specified in the project form, the total quotation (based on the prices shown below) and a free sample to let you evaluate the service
  • If the tracks are 2 or more, Warm Masterign will send you only 1 free sample
  • The free sample will not be provided for stem mastering, due to complexity of the process
  • If you will decide to buy the complete mastered tracks, you will have to pay the total price via Paypal or credit card, simply by clicking on the image below

Paypal Logo

  • Bank transfers are accepted too
  • Once received the payment, Warm Mastering will send you, within the time planned, the invoice and the complete mastered tracks, to the e-mail specified in the project form, in the formats specified in the project form
  • If you will request some modifications, Warm Mastering will send you one free revision of the tracks. At this point, the online mastering procedure will be completed



Service Format delivered Price
Stereo mastering WAV 44.1 Khz / 16 bit 20 € per track
Stem mastering WAV 44.1 Khz / 16 bit 12 € per stem
Additional audio format As requested 2 € per track
Track metadata addition Free
DDP image DDP 20 € per DDP